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Titanium Crosses

The best-known symbol of Christianity, the cross necklace is a popular choice of jewelry for people from all walks of life. Often the simplest of cross necklaces is enough to bring strength as it reminds the Christian of their faith in day to day life. Titanium cross necklaces such as these are a great choice. Durable and classic, this cross necklace is ideal for anyone but seems to appeal mostly to men. The cross is symbolic of Christ’s death and resurrection for those in the Christian faith. It is perhaps the most well known religious symbol out there. Symbolizing how Christ died for them and rose again to triumph, the cross worn on a necklace often offers strength and renewed resolve to one who might need it. Titanium cross necklaces are one of many cross options that can be worn and enjoyed day to day, or any occasion whatsoever.

Titanium Diamond Accent Cross Necklace $79.50 Titanium Carbon Fiber Cross Necklace $39.50 Titanium Cross Necklace $32.50
Titanium Leather Cord Cross Necklace $33.50 Titanium Leather Cord Cross Necklace $39.50  

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