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Jerusalem Crosses, Crusaders Crosses

Cross necklaces and pendants are a very popular choice in jewelry these days. The gold Jerusalem crosses are but one of the many styles available. Symbolizing the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, this particular pendant has five separate crosses on it. One is thought to symbolize the crucifixion of Christ while the other four represent how his Word was spread to the four corners of the earth from Jerusalem. Others say those five crosses could symbolize the five wounds Christ was subjected to during his crucifixion. Depending on interpretation, it is whatever the wearer wishes to believe and think of when wearing a Jerusalem cross. These cross pendants are made from gold and silver, whichever the preference may be. So many people choose cross jewelry to wear in honor of their faith. From basic and simply cut cross pendants to more ornate or less common designs such as the Jerusalem cross, there is something for everyone.

14K Yellow Gold Jerusalem Cross Pendant $432.69 14K Gold Jerusalem Cross Charm $93.76 14K White Gold Small Jerusalem Cross Pendant $96.04
Sterling Silver Antiqued Jerusalem Cross Pendant $47.07 14k Jerusalem Cross Pendant $185.46 14K White Gold Jerusalem Cross Pendant $480.45
14K Yellow Gold 31.25 X 31.75 Jerusalem Cross Pendant $1 052.54   

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