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Egyptian Ankh Jewelry, Silver & Gold Ankh Cross Pendants

Egyptian Ankh jewelry is that which symbolizes life. Often called the Key of the Nile or the Looped Tau Cross, this pendant is a symbol for those of the Christian faith. Simply a cross with a loop or a handle, ankh jewelry serves as a touchstone or reminder of one’s faith and beliefs when it comes to the cross. This type of jewelry is popular among Christians, regardless of specific denominational thoughts. Cross necklaces are a personal yet proclaiming piece of jewelry. Many people choose crosses to keep a tangible reminder of their faith and strength nearby. Ankh jewelry is no exception, with the symbolization of life. Found in gold or silver, these necklaces come in simple designs or more ornate designs, depending upon the preference of the wearer. While the jewelry is a personal choice, one does want it to look nice and be attractive to others as well.

14K White Gold Ankh Cross Charm $73.20 14K White Gold Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant $233.60 14K Yellow Gold Ankh Cross Charm $99.98
14K Yellow Gold Ankh Cross Pendant $245.82   

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